Moody’s expects 0.5%-1.5% GDP expansion in Japan in 2016

Moody’s with a wary opinion for Japan in 2016

  • Muted domestic and tellurian GDP expansion will support broadly fast gain for Japan’s (A1 stable) non-financial corporates in 2016
  • Steel and oil gas companies sojourn many pressured

“Japan’s corporates sojourn discreet underneath resigned domestic and tellurian conditions, and will broadly concentration on slicing costs, shortening precedence and progressing credit peculiarity and ratings,” says Masako Kuwahara, a Moody’s Vice President and Senior Analyst.

“Nevertheless, assuage abroad mercantile expansion should support exporters and tellurian manufacturers, while reduce oil and commodity prices will advantage importers and domestic companies — even if partially equivalent by a weaker yen”

Moody’s expects 0.5%-1.5% GDP expansion in Japan in 2016

Forex technical analysis: USDJPY trades during new a day lows

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December 3rd only got even bigger

The ECB assembly is on a 3rd Dec and now Yellen is due adult too

Bloomers only observant that Janet Yellen will be giving testimony to an mercantile cabinet that day too

It will substantially one of a final appearances before Fed members enter a no-talk duration before a FOMC

That’s only upped a ante on what was going to be a fun day already. Could be a day to make certain you’ve got purify pants on

ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: Subdued session, tiny USD weakness

Forex news for Asia trading Tuesday 24 Nov 2015

  • Westpac have lifted their Australian Q3 GDP forecast, here’s why
  • Aust. Treasury – Potential GDP expansion 2.75% (prior 3%)
  • Richard Russell, Publisher of Dow Theory Letters, Dies during 91
  • PIMCO says baseline perspective in markets is a really high luck of Dec liftoff
  • China: Coal ride by rail down 19.7% y/y in Oct
  • Japan fin min Aso: Not deliberation taxation cuts but deputy revenue
  • Japan peep production PMI for Nov – more
  • Japan economy apportion Amari: Important to have boost in smallest wage
  • Japan Nikkei Manufacturing PMI for Nov (flash): 52.8 (prior 52.4)
  • People’s Bank of China (PBOC) sets yuan anxiety rate during 6.3888
  • BoA/ML: USD/RMB brace ‘marriage of convenience’ is headed for a divorce
  • The singular open difference during a core of a European Central Bank
  • Technical research set ups: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD
  • Commodity Exporters! Here are (3) Reasons to be cheerful
  • Epic oil bolt sparks super tanker ‘traffic jams’ during sea …
  • Australia weekly Consumer Sentiment: 114.5 (prior 115.9)
  • ICYMI: EUR section Composite PMI to a top in 4 years
  • Trade ideas thread for Tuesday 24 Nov 2015
  • Forex – Investigation launched into ‘ghosting’ in FX options
  • Fed’s Yellen: Most Ffed policymakers design gait of rate hikes will be gradual

Minor US dollar debility in Asia today, with small in a approach of information or comments to coax most movement.

The information we did get, though, was instructive, with a peep Japanese Manufacturing PMI display some-more alleviation and providing a bit of support to a yen.

In Australia, we got Q3 trade data from a Australian Bureau of Statistics, with a warn benefit in trade volumes. The outcome augurs good for subsequent week’s GDP result, Westpac have already revised their expectancy aloft (see that couple in a prior sentence).

Forex moves, though, were subdued, with teenager gains flattering most opposite a house and small in a approach of follow through. EUR, GBP, CHF, yen …. all adult a small opposite a greenback.

AUD and NZD were not left behind, AUD/USD is 15 or so points aloft than when we walked in; with a NZD a gainer by a identical magnitude.

Even a yellow stone has fared OK currently (that’s bullion in box you’re wondering) adult a few dollars on a session. Oil is some-more or reduction flat, adult a few cents.

Regional equities with Shanghai sealed for a lunch break:

  • Shanghai -0.73%
  • Nikkei +0.11% … Japan behind from a prolonged weekend holiday today
  • HK -0.70%
  • ASX -0.73%

Still to come:

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